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  1. Hey Madonna 

    Thinking professionally for a moment. Kylie has now nailed Disco. Lady Gaga has mastered electronica. So where would someone with as much uniqueness and creativity as you go after Madame X. Is it time for a back to the start epic relaunch? Prince did an entire album for a major movie release. Or, how about a 80’s Mall tour with a new format music release. Have you seen Sleevenote? Or how about something even bigger, a tie in with Apple launching a new Apple Music iPhone with new Apple Music mini stores. Your music at day of launch in new concept stores with a new experience. Streaming free mobiles where you get back to the old days of buying LPs and CDs, but this time by turning up at the store to transtape™️ the latest Artists music laid into your phone as an everlasting purchase with exclusive sleeve notes, designed in a way only Apple could do.

    The big sell!

    Whatever you decide YOU ARE UNIQUE.

    Thank you


    1. Henryisit


      Full motion coming soon 

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  3. michaelpolanski1

    Madonna Rebel Heart Tour Oct. 8th
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