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  1. we adore Madonna! she is a precious diamond <3 <3 <3
  3. Hi, we are joining Madonna revoluitin, with this scetch of a project. Can you PLEASE support us?! THANK YOU <3 <3 <3 we are on facebook : Metka Snoj, Aktem Jons and B.I.Cronova THANK YOU MADDONA THE QUEEN FOR BEEING SUCH A GOOD EXAPLE! WE ADORE YOU <3 <3 <3 CROATIA - A First Global Positive Model H O W T O D E S I G N C R O A T I A by B.I. Cronova 1. EU NATIONAL PARK - A national park considering the geographiclocation, the amount and cleanliness of the ocean and other waters, diversity of the flora and fauna, the richness of the forest, ruggedness of the coastline, climate conditions and an abundance of other natural resources; Urban zones maintaining the nationalpark and the introduction of electrical cars, which would be available to rent at each highway exit: Conventional automobiles would only be allowed on highways using vignettes, cars that pollute beyond allowed limitations, wouldn't be let into Croatia; The re-establishment of civilian protection as an authority of help and safety of the nation on voluntary work basis; An increased and expanded role of forestry employment (modeling the canadian rangers); 2. A GMO FREE COUNTRY - Protection of indigenous species, recovery of indigenous plants and seeds and protection and inventory of indigenous species, breeds and seeds, protection and inventory of all water sources and their orientation towards medicinally - healing tourism purposes. 3. AN ENERGETICALLY SELF-SUFFICIENT COUNTRY – Solar-, wind- and tidal powered energy; Bio fertilizers, Bio Energy by-products in agriculture, the use of waste as a raw material in organized manufacturing systems; 4. FOOD AND DRINKS - Maximum increase and improvement of the production of food and drinks; The encouragement of new ecological production techniques and the organizing of e.g. Biodynamical usage of by-products in farming – Rudolf Steiner in production: Farming, agriculture, the food and alcohol industries; Design of local products, which are prepared for export to promote Croatia as the complete tourist destination; 5. TEXTILE INDUSTRY - The revival of the textile industry (modeling workers shareholding) ranging from production materials to the finished product and its presentation, using indigenous materials, with an emphasis on tradition and timeless design, which in addition to the above mentioned allows for an ongoing export, serving as a positive representation of Croatia. eg. Designing and manufacturing uniforms for all public and service activities; 6. THE RE-ESTABLISHMENT OF TRADITIONAL SKILLS TO SECONDARY SCHOOLS - Handing down traditional knowledge and skills to the younger generation; Reviving the third stage of life through mentoring and teaching traditional skills (handcraft) eg.: Buying wool on the coast and engaging women in the third stage of life to manually process it; Selecting traditional items along the lines of Scottish handcraft tradition, basket weaving, embroidery, sewing, spinning, combing wool, carpentry; 7. THE REORGANIZATION OF HEALTH CARE USING SOCIAL MODELS - free health Care – ERG Erging of Alternative and Classic Medicine; medicine – merging of classic, folk and alternative medicine; Steering the development of health care towards prevention - together with the development of medicinal tourism. 8. TOURISM - The development of tourism as "something for everyone": Developing every aspect of tourism - from student camping to exclusive luxury tourism; Medicinal tourism rooted in the national park; GMO free soil and the production of healthy food; The using of natural materials in tourism, from bed linen with locally produced cotton to indigenous clothing; Planting lavender, rosemary and all local healing plants in rockeries and handing out information booklets about these plants upon entry into Croatia - plants which then would be allowed to be collected for free, with a one kilogram limit per person – altogether; Presentation of local Croatian produce, which could be bought. 9. RENOVATION OF STATE AND REGIONAL ADMINISTRATION AND NATIONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT . It is important that positions in State department and Administration are managed by experts and professionals: For example the Minister of Agriculture, having experience in production agriculture, a Farmer with planting experience and with respect to the principle of subsidiarity; Publicly open administration and the frequent use of referendums on the model 2.0 platform; Paid public works in all areas depending on the needs and sector; to establish standards in the law of amounts of employment of population in the private and public sectors (proposal 51%); 10. GOD IS ONE - tolerance and openness to Dialogue with all Religions, in accordance with the «Principle of Garden of Eden» and Croatia - A First Global Positive Model, as the most beautiful country in the world.
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