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  1. AntMDNA

    1st Entry :D

    Oh nice to meet u!! sorry for being too late answering u lol anyways, welcome to my space.
  2. AntMDNA


    I think this cover photo for the MDNA TOUR DVD + CD it's simple but too nice !!! it's just art (if u know what i mean) She finally broke the stylish of all her Tour DVDs, cause we can see in every dvd that she used to put a cover from the show herself (like the virgin tour, who's that girl, girlie, etc..) & now she just wanted to use another "artwork" for her newsest DVD that gonna be released 10.9, SO EXCITED.
  3. AntMDNA

    1st Entry :D

    Don't u like MDNA?
  4. AntMDNA

    1st Entry :D

    My 1st entry here, & i want to thank madonna.com bcause the team do a community for us & I wanna meet some Madders / Mother ***CENSORED*** around the world!! Stay tunned
  5. I wanna turn up the radio!

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