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  1. My name is Scott. I am a 40 year old man living in Atlanta, Georgia. I have been a loyal and dedicated fan of Madonna for the past 27 years. I happily accept the fact that I may be the world's oldest 'groupie'. Over the past 27 years I have collected every magazine I could find with Madonna on the cover, bought every album, CD, remix, picture disc, collectible, poster, book and garment Madonna has been featured on. I spent the night on a freezing cold New York street outside of a bookstore after having driven 15 hours in order to get her autograph. When Evita was released on Christmas day I drove 6 hours to Chicago to see the movie, then got back in my car and drove 6 hours home. i have done whatever I have had to do to get the best seats to her concerts. Years ago I spent the night outside of Phillips Arena to get good seats. For the Confessions tour I paid a scalper $3000 for a front row seat, and this year I paid another $3000 for a pair of Ultimate VIP seats for the MDNA show in New Orleans. This coming Saturday I am going to get one final opportunity to win Golden Triangle seats in Atlanta. I have VIP seats again for that show but am hoping for Golden Triangle. People look at me a little crazy when I explain the expense and effort I go to in order to see this performer. They wonder, 'why the obsession?" Well, here is the answer... I was born in a small Kentucky town in 1972. When I was 10 years old my dad took off and never returned. He left his wife, who had always been a home maker, and his 10 year old son to fend for themselves. My mother took a minimum wage job at a local retailer in order to support us. Money was tight, but we somehow managed to get by. We lived in a small town and went to a Church that preached 'Hell fire and brimstone' so to speak. I realized early on that I was different. I didn't like sports or any of the 'normal' things that boys usually liked. I was bullied at school and became very introverted. I figured out early on that I was gay and that something must be wrong with me. I believed that I was going to burn in Hell for feeling things that felt completely natural to me. With my mom working I became a 'latch key' kid and spend a lot of time alone. I studied hard and did well in school knowing that would be my only opportunity to change my future circumstance. TBC
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