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  1. R.I.P. George Michael and Tu-154

  2. Why after 5 years of being a member of this community I stil can't see the "Forums" section? Web development here is the definition of "beyond the zero". And no technical support. Great!

    1. lemons


      I agree 


  3. After Madonna's "shocking" anti-war comments some Russians thought she was endorsed by President Putin. Just recently psychologist reviewed her comment about "President Putin ***CENSORED*** Pussy Riot" as: "This joke is only partly joking and means she is attracted and wants Putin". Month later Putin announced his divorcement. IMHO Madonna doesn't need divorced man... she can chose to support "material boy" Mikhail Prochorov. He "believes in love" and have never been married. And Mikhail is taller than Dennis Rodman.
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