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  1. Thanks for an incredible week! MDNA Tour has been an ultimate experience! =)

  2. Of course! Today is the presale! :D

  3. Argentina is waiting 4 The Queen!

  4. I always felt an incredible feeling for the music of Madonna. Since 1986, when I listened "True Blue" for the first time, it has been as if something had awakened in me. However, it was not until 1992, when 'Erotica' came out, that the magic began to flow. From then until now, I have felt a great affection and admiration for Madonna. Through the years, I've discovered that this feeling was growing increasingly like the intensity that Madonna gives me every time I see her and listen to her music. Madonna has brought a lot of satisfaction to my life: happiness, friendship, inspiration, reflections, etc. As a result of that, and probably more, I am very happy to be one boy among the millions of fans who share this feeling for her. So I am very grateful and happy with everything she has done in her career. THANKS MADONNA !
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