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    Now they're going to phuque with Madonna because of her age. I was a young stud when Lucky Star came out, and yeah, we're a bit older. So, what? I'd like to think I'm in my prime at 49: a silverback. I hope she feels like she's in hers. She sure is one hell of an intelligent woman, cool as hell, and beautiful. Like it or not, she's become part of my life, and my history. I put her tunes on my playlists, even though I'm primarily a rocker. They transcend categorization, even with me. I just dig them. Like, "Secret"...and that one that just came up on the home page here. I have to go find that, and put it on my space...yes, I have a space, and i just use it for music. I'm MadAnthony on there: myspace.com/carlusmagnus/
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