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  1. Brightest Blessings...Asimina/Frida/Canarais/hardgrove/maia_o12...am "blocked" from over 1,4,00 emails to pedallies@yahoo.com probably cuz us direct`action activists aren't cowards & honor entertainment @ the same time...plzhelp...
  2. Deerest Happy Folks...It's all about Martin Luther & "I Have A Dream"; so do I in custom bicycles based in "form~n~function" on 2 animated characters : Mattel's Barbie & Disney's Bambi. If you have a "Dream", then give it "function",; so I stake my claim to Brown And Rose(white) Bicycle Is Excellent & Black And Mandarin Bicycle Intrinsic. I "liken" to quote William Shakespeare on Louise V. , : Louverette oh Louverette where~art~thou My~Louverette, (Louise, your lines...your lines...) AND, if you believe any of this, you'll believe anything : It all started @ a 1980'S concert by Jimmy Buffet @ Hill Auditorium, Ann Arbor, Michigan, the 3 of us had rehearsed new lyrics to "Margaritaville". Louise shows up w/ b.a.r.b.i.e. & I w/ b.a.m.b.i. & there's vault~horse springboards on ea. side, so Louise & I launch onto stage & the 3 of us sing : Pedlin' away again in b.a.r.b.i.e./b.a.m.b.i. Ville, searchin' for my lost~shaker (G~P~S) of salt (on cell)..... some people claim there's a Louise to blame..... Bambi's mom once said to Thumper, "What did your father tell u : If you can't say sumthin' nice then don't say nuthin' @ all." Don't everyone throw a cyberfit all @ once now, ya hear ! I'm logging-off now before I reach the page count of the Warren~Report...U can write a book , too ! This Your Lone Ranger Truly~the_4j_s
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