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  1. It is a sort of survey...Vote your favorite unrealised song!! A)Madonna- I'm In Love With Love ( from American Life) B)Madonna- Little Girl (from Music) C)Madonna- Set To Right (from American Life) D)Madonna- Latte (from Hard Candy) E)Madonna- Animal (from Hard Candy) F)Madonna- Broken (I'm Sorry) (from Celebration) G)Madonna- Across The Sky (from Hard Candy) H)Madonna- Miss You (from American Life) I)Madonna- First Is A Kiss (Fake ?) J)Madonna- If You Go Away (From Hello Suckers Musical) Chose the right letter to express your vote!! (EX: H for Miss You)
  2. I've just read from the net that maybe Madonna after the movie is going to prepare a new tour for 2011?? And then in 2012 she'll work on her new album and dvd of the tour!! Is it true??? Ps. I'm an italian fan, so sorry for my english mistake!!
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