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  1. Rebel heart ❤️ Love it!!

  2. My new baby boy has arrived 7/05/2013

  3. Hey Paula ! not been on icon in a very long time but thought id stop by your profile to say hi xx

  4. miss your amazing profile :( Hope you are well x

  5. Thought they might of updated this website with the new up and coming tour

  6. Can't get enough of MDNA been a long time coming

  7. OMG So excited for the new tour 2012 !!

    1. siany_p_85
    2. materialgirl7


      Hey chick , yeh would'nt miss it for the world just waiting to see if more dates will be added .x

  8. Hope everyone has a lovely christmas & bring on the Year Of Madonna !!

  9. Who's on Twitter ??

    1. lumb1


      i'm on twitter

    2. Gaga4Madonna


      Me! But you knew that already... :D

  10. Can't wait for new "M" tunes !!!

  11. Hey Hun , Not heard from you in ages hope all is good with you , have you renew your membership yet ?? hopefully icon will get back to how it was eh...anyway take care . X

  12. I Decided to Renew my membership ! Let's hope this place will get back to how it use to be :)

    1. Gaga4Madonna
    2. lumb1


      hi! you i'm not too bad anyway good too hear from u after what seems ages. i think i've sorted the posting comments on wall now. i was looking at the settings and messing about like a daft child!

  13. Happy Birthday Madonna !

  14. hello how are you my angel? I'm fine! I'm going on vacation this week ... I'll just take more care of my body .... kisses with love

  15. Thanks very much for the lovely Birthday message ! hope you are well . Xx

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