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  1. If the fan club president or any of Madonna staff / management read this please know that i'm sincere in my statements below. Please forward this to her. I was listening to the new track relvolver and had an excellent idea for a video that could bring Madonna back to MTV now generation. She made a great move by including 'Lil Wanye and that was half the battle won. I joined today to somehow get to share this with her or her management. The idea I have is a concept video with a sub plot that will: -Reestablish Madonna as a force to recon with even in a group of young girls. -Give the Beyonce crowd a touch of greatness to look at. -Bring an excellent song to the forefront that could be a top 10 or even a number one hit. -Bring Jesus into the game and generate some more press. -Pay homage to some of her old videoes and directors. -Have Lil Wayne be part of video, yet set them and their personas apart in a clever way. Believe me, I've been inspired with video ideas from her songs in the past but never like this. Madonna or her Management should get in touch with me and I'll put together a treatment for her. Thanks so much for your help. Its just that all these ideas flow through me and I've never shared them with anyone. Peter
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