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  1. A few days ago while Madonna had a concert in the capital of Romania, Bucharest. During the gypsy act, she stoped to defend the gypsies, mentioning that she was sad of all the discrimination they put up with. The real thing is that the Eastern European people boo'd her because she failed to recognize why the people are hostile to them . The gypsies that live there are not discriminated at all, even soo they have meny privilages. They are hated because they steal, rape, beat up people, kill, and don't respect the law at all. They are offerd free school, get admisioned easyer in high-schools and colleges, so it's not that they won't let them study, it's that they don't want to. They live a life of crime, prefering that to work, everyone has seen incident's with gypsies in Italy, they do not represent the romanian people, but sadly it still tarnishez the country's reputation. So a word of adivice to Madonna and all the people out there who think that they are discriminated, come a few days in Romania, live here and see how they live, you will find that the real discriminated ones are the romanians them selves. You believe they live in poverty, i believe you should see the milion dollar palaces luxury cars and other ritches they have obtained through crime, theft and things. Don't get me rong part of the problem are the romanians them selves, but not because they discriminate them, no, they don't even do that, it's because they have allowed them all the freedom yo do what they want, it's the states and goverments fault for not inforceing the law as hard on them as on eny other citizen. So please Madonna don't get me rong, but yo were so rong to believe that they are poor oppresed people, I really would like to see you live with them on a daily basis especialy in the really dense populated gypsies zones. I agree discrimination is rong an that we all are equal, but please next time get informed about the real situation . Thank you!!! . Oh and please forgive my gramar mistakes
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