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  1. Dear Madonna; I admire you, your music and all that you do for children and for peace in the world. I did not have a good childhood, but I have devoted my life to bettering the lives of children. I have a good husband, and although we are only of modest means, we have been foster parents for over 12 years, have adopted two children, and have taken other children in at our own expense. You have been my absolute favorite artist since you first emerged on the music scene, and whenever we've driven past a limosine, I've told the children to wave because you might be inside it. Interestingly enough, in August of 2008, while I was staying home with our youngest, my husband took the rest of our children to the Great Escape theme park near Lake George. While approaching the Saratoga Race Track exit of the Adirondack Northway, my husband spotted your limosine with its distinctive "MADONNAS" license plate, and drove alongside it and they all waved to you. They were shocked when you rolled the window down and waved back!! They were screaming to me in star-struck delight when they called to tell me what I had just missed. They couldn't stop talking about it for weeks! While I would have been thrilled to have been there, I was happy that you showed the foster children that good things can happen even to them. Keep being you. You have made an indelible mark of good in this world. - Sonia Philips, Rotterdam, NY
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