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  1. Ooh you've got to just, let your body move to the music...

  2. Hi Ro!

    Pass To Wish You a Wondeful Day!

    An a Wonderful Week too!

    Send you all my best wishes!!

    how are you???

    are you ready for MDNA???


  3. E ai Rodrigo,

    Por aqui as coisas tambem estao uma corridas. E alguma novidade?

    Eu ainda nao ovi a nova Musica de M, vou ver se escuto

    Até mais


  4. Oi Ricardo,

    por aqui tb anda uma correria, mas aospoucos vamos arrumando uns tempinhos livres hehehe

    E o q achou de Give me all your love??



  5. Hey Rodrigo!

    How u doing? Hope u're having good days :)


    Johann :)

  6. Hey Rodrigo

    Como voce está? Faz u tempo qua nao venho aqui postar um recado....

    As coisas por aqui estao um pouco agitadas, sem nada de muito novo para contar. E voce tem conta no fb?

    Tenha uma boa semana


  7. Hi Dan,

    Yeah, I'm so happy specially with my thesis grade lol

    now I'm in a dj course, I want to make some parties and I think it would be great if I play as a dj on my own party :)

    Paris must've been great!!

    anyway, it's really nice hearing from you!

    have a great week



  8. Rodrigo!!!

    So sorry boy! College is killing me x.x

    Miss you boy hope you'll be ok!

    Some News? I Hope so!

    Take care and Again Sorry

    Wish you luck


    Jonathan ;)

  9. Hey Rodrigo,

    That's great you are graduated now! What is your next step?

    I went to France in July. My b/f's brother got married there so we spent time in Normandy and Paris. It was fantastic! Now...the usual routine of work and having a bit of fun.

    Good to hear from you again!



  10. Sep 7 - 28 years of HOLIDAY!!! Take some time to celebrate!!!

  11. Awesome!!!!!! I'd love to hear some of ur music :)

    Madonna mixes are perfect to dance!

    Maybe next year We can meet up in a show. I wonder how all the new era will be. Can't wait!!!!

    Always nice hearing from u too :)

    Keep in touch R!


    Johann :)

  12. Congrats johan :D I've already done with my thesis, next week I'm starting a DJ workshop and then I'll look forward to produce m own tracks, and also produce some Madonna mixes.

    I'm also very excited for the new album to come, can't wait till next year :D

    It's always nice hearing from you!

    have a great day too