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  1. Happy Birthday Madonna!!! Hope that you're having a great time with friends and family in Cuba. Thank you for all of the music. You make my world a better place and, more importantly, you make the world a better place. God bless! You rock my world! Keep on doing what you do! Love you to infinity and beyond! Xoxo Blair
  2. after an enormous amount of stress and a friend helping Igot a VIP party pack with the Livepass. All of the ultimate packages were gone. So upset! This happened last time too. If we're not going to be respected for our loyalty then don't give us a code. friends who are new fans got seats before me. The ticketmaster VIP service was useless.
  3. I'm so upset. My Icon lifetime Legacy Platinum membership code did not work for the VIP packages. I had to buy a live pass. This should never happen. I am an original member. This is shameful. I'm teddyblair! Nobody puts me in row 9!!!!
  4. I was really disappointed when I tried to order the workout videos "Addicted to Sweat". The videos were $59.99 and it tried to charge me $89.99 shipping to Canada . WTF??

  5. someone told me that if you register your MDNA ticket on madonna.com you might win an entry into the golden triangle. Does anyone know how to do this?

  6. Has everyone seen the viral video of Madonna in Venice ?

    I laughed my ass off! My only questio was, "why was Borat trying to give Madonna hydrangeas?" LOL! I thought it was quite unfair. She has a right to not like a certain flower. I hate carnations. Just in case anyone is wondering, I prefer yellow roses! LOL!

  7. It's time to go crazy on Madonna's birthday. Turn up the volume on my mix 3 of Madonna's clubremixes. www.soundcloud.com/dj-jerry-w

  8. Thanks for adding me

  9. Can anyone out there tell me when and if the sticky and sweet rings are coming to Canada. I've been waiting for the ICON gift since January with no notification, explanation or ring in sight!?? I've confirmed my e-mail, mailing address and sent e-mails. Very frustrating. Seven months should be more than long enough to get their act together. Any advice? Anyone? teddyblair
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