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  1. Just entered the #BitchImFirst comp

  2. Madonna - Santa Baby 2011 (Dj Jerry W extended clubbing remix)

  3. It's time to go crazy on Madonna's birthday. Turn up the volume on my mix 3 of Madonna's clubremixes. www.soundcloud.com/dj-jerry-w

  4. Thanks for adding me

  5. hi thank you for the add. hope you are well and having a great weekend.

    xo from san francisco


  6. Come to think of it. Where did all my friends go??

  7. Havent logged on for ages. Liking this new look icon its just a matter of getting used to it!!

  8. Thanks for adding me Lauren. I am having trouble getting the hang of this new icon lol

  9. Not enough money at the moment.

  10. Please be happy for the winners. I have been a member now since Ray Of Light and every time a competition comes up people seem to get bitter. If the core of Icon favourites on the boards don't win people either say well they should have won or so and so's was shit or, Madonna didn't even look at the pictures. Is it really that important? nobody does or will ever know the entire truth. Lets just take it for what it is, a fun competition. Congratulate the winners and get on with it. I cant believe that some of the posts about this subject were actually written by adults! Madonna was right, negativity does shout louder than positivity in this world.
  11. mrelias

    Same old shit

    I dont come on here that often anymore. Its the same old shit. People complaining about membership, people appreciating others when they dont know jack about them, people ganging up, people being hypocritical, sob stories and people thinking that more points and posts make them more important than others and slagging others off if their opinion differs in any way other than fanatical. How boring. Cant everybody just appreciate that this is meant to be fan board, just get on and see that what is important is our common interest in one person and her music.
  12. Trying to pack for holidays is a complete nightmare. I just spent about £3500 on clothes to go away only to realise that i still had about 50% of the clothes i needed left over from last year i.e pool stuff. I have a 23kilo luggage allowance but cant get my case below 28kilos. I washed a tonne of extra clothes ready and it positively monsooned today still got more washing to do and i leave on saturday! looks like I am going to have to unpack yet again and try to do a more capsular wardrobe . Maybe 8 pairs of shoes and 20 different evening outfits are not such a good idea LOL!
  13. mrelias

    Swine Flu

    Three absolutely healthy people have died of Swine Flu in the Uk in the last week which probably means that it has mutated. That is so scary! Swine flu has finally hit my town and I hope that I dont catch it before I go on holiday next sunday. The funny thing is I am going to Mexico and the likelihood of me catching it there is far less than here even though it initially started there. Shouldnt panic though as most people who have had it havent suffered anything more than normal flu symptoms. Just let me get my holiday first.
  14. sycophants or acolytes? There are plenty on here! But which if any would you consider yourself to be? I think I would rather be considered more of an acolyte than a sycophant but hope that I am neither. True, I follow Madonna but she is not an obsession. Neither do I fawn over other iconers just because they are deemed popular or over members of admin. I suppose that would be considered sycophantic. If being a fan of Madonna has taught me anything it is to be yourself be real and stand up for what you are. Dont rely on other people to make you seem cool or popular, just BE cool and popular its not that hard. Its just sometimes I read the boards etc and all I see is the above and if there are changes or someone dare have an opinion that doesnt follow the crowd, the aforementioned types make these peoples posting lives a misery. Leave them alone, get a life and be a leader. This is not aimed at anyone but is just a general observation of one of the more negative aspects of this website that pisses me off! Admin are guilty of certain things too. For example if someone points out that certain people win more competitions than others (and they do) It is an opinion and observation and should not be removed from the boards as if one person is thinking this , so are others. Dont delete it address it.
  15. Cant help wondering whether this is going to be a double CD spanning her entire career, a continuation from GHV2 or a Greatest Hits/Remixes package. Whatever it is I am looking forward to it but would love some new remixes of older songs. What do you think?
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