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  1. Hi ! I'm in a contest to win tickets to see Gaga in Paris Bercy on may . The tickets are left in 2 minutes for both show on regular market, so i could'nt have it . If you could click on my link and vote to my pics, it would be really helpfull http://studio.ladygaga-concours.com/H5 You click on "le concours" , "gallerie femmes" "gallerie images" my nickname is DWG Thank you so much for your help and your kindness
  2. Due to recent tragedy i won't be able to see our queen live this year ! So sad !
  3. Just want to share my happiness ! Due to personnal problem i wasn't at the Paris show the 9th july, i was so depressed ! But today i won 2 tickets for the Marseille's show ! I'm so happy right now ! I jump all over the house !
  4. Who will be there ?
  5. Well i'm a bit confused ! It's definitely going to take some getting used to ! But what we couldn't do for Madonna !
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