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  1. itoddm

    Rainy Saturday

    Rainy Saturday but I'm just waiting for Tuesday to go and buy the new Madonna album and dvd collection. I just bought a Taiwanese promo edition that includes some neat extras for $25 off Ebay. There are plenty if anyone else wants some. Not a bad price in my opinion. Went to Relay for LIfe's Bark for Life today. My dog was unable to go because she is getting weak from her battle with cancer. She is resting well but still not feeling good. She was given 2 days to 2 weeks but she is still fighting 5 weeks later. You go girl!
  2. itoddm

    Video announced

    September 1 is the video premiere. I remember being younger and rushing back from class in college to watch the debut of the new videos and recording these on VHS so I could watch it over and over. Now we have itunes and for a mere $1.99 we can buy a digital copy of the video to watch on an ipod regardless of where we are. My my how the times have changed.
  3. itoddm

    Can't wait

    I can't wait to see the video for Celebration. Need some Madonna excitement and she seems to never leave us waiting for too long before giving it to us. I wish they would release some really cool Madonna related items like pins, magnets, posters, mousepads, stickers, and my wish list would go on and on. Marketing needs to get a clue that the fans would eat this stuff up. Something like a Madonna esque swatch watch would be cool.
  4. More information is coming out about Celebrate. Lyrics have leaked (if they are real at all). I think we are all ready for some new music from Her. I know I am. She could put out an album of total silence and I would buy it and call it "genius." I had a busy day at work. Working with mentally ill children is always a stressful thing. Rewarding but stressful.
  5. itoddm

    Ho Hum

    Lots of rumors going around about Celebrate and Celebration. Will there be a video? Will Madonna perform on the 2009 VMAs? Will S&S 2.0 be on the new DVD? "There are too many questions and not enough answers." Time will tell but it goes by so slowly for those us that wait.
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