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    Been a Madonna fan since age 5

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  1. haven't been on icon in 2 years but am back..... nothing much changed..... looking forward to new M music

  2. where did you go to ?? miss your posts & photos-have your self a great week end - Dave

  3. I´m fine. Thanx for asking. Let´s keep in touch if you wanna... Xoxo

  4. I´m fine. Thanx for asking. Let´s keep in touch if you wanna... Xoxo

  5. Hello. Im no longer a board member, just the free membership with profile. Hope u r well. :)

  6. I love madonnalicious too Mikey! Will keep in touch on here tho.

    Love to ya xoxo

  7. Grrr, craving some of ya sexy. :P

  8. Hey James, loving MDNA alot. I love I'm A Sinner and Gang Bang the most. GGW really grew on me alot too. I love the whole album. "Best Friend" is the only "meh" song for me. :P

    Love you too. <3

  9. Hey Mikey how's it goin? Hope you're enjoying MDMA is it's out your way yet. I'm loving I'm a Sinner and GGW and dancin my ass off!!

    Love to you!

    James xoxox

  10. Want nothing to do with the boards that is. lol I feel so much better being away from all the hate. madonnalicious is the place to be and truly celebrate Madonna.

  11. Hey James, sorry haven't been in touch. I've requested to be taken away from icon, a self imposed ban. I just want nothing to do with this place anymore. Keep in touch with me here.

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