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  1. Thanks for adding me :-)

  2. How to pimp your Icon profile !! 1. Click on my home 2. Then click on my media 3. Click on a photo you want to use as a background for your profile. 4. Click on edit photo 5. Tick "This image is : A profile theme image 6. Then click on the profile theme link. You will see various pre-designed themes already, but as far a I can work out you can only design your own theme with a background image, I haven't worked out how to change text colours, backgrounds etc for your own theme. Hope you all have fun with this.
  3. Link to my facebook album below. 4th July 2009 - Gay Pride & Madonna @ The O2 **Edit** I think you have to be a Facebook member to view this. Sorry will try and upload to Flickr or something else.
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