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  1. It is time to celebrate Madonna's songs and I guess we all have our favorites for different reasons. Celebrating a Madonna song is not only celebrating the music, but also an event in Madonna's life and at some extend, in my life. So here are the songs from the Celebration album that have a particular meaning for me. Lolipop's Celebration! 1- Hung Up - Beginning of University 2- Music - The beginning of my crazy teen years. I recall being in Florida in a hotel room when M called MTV to premiere the video, and I was with a bunch of friends right before I got hammered for the very first time. lol 3- Vogue 3- Like A Virgin 5- Sorry - transitional moment in my life - it also was the most played song on canadian radios when I flew to Vancouver and felt in love 6- Dress You Up - Summers in Toronto 7- Frozen - First Madonna album I was old enough to go buy by myself with my own money 8- Miles Away 9- Beautiful Stranger 10- Hollywood - Can I just say, a crazy summer? It also was released on the radios when I graduated from High School 11- Die Another Day
  2. One of the great memories I have from the Sticky & Sweet tour in Vancouver is when we were heading the stadium and we couldn't find any taxi!! My friends and I were all a bit tipsy and ended up on a public bus. I think we traumatized a few passengers... PS The quality of some pictures are not that great - They were taken with by old and crappy cellphone!
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