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She is the art, she is the moon




She is the art,

That you gaze upon,

Drunk with the wine,

Of her Beauty,

Surreal and solemn,

Mellow with waves,

Vivid and impressionistic,

Sweet with its honey,


She is the moon,

That you gaze upon,

Drunk with the champagne,

Of her love,

Luminous with splendors,

Enigmatic with her deep kisses,


She rides the vibrancies,

Of warm waves and cool winds,

Petals strewn within gardens,

And souls,

Seashells basking,

Upon exotic shores,


Within starry nights,

Her garments of shimmers,

Sway, damp and warm,

With love,


Romance and reveries,

Dream like sunflowers,

And gypsies,


Her Beauty,

And luminous body,

Kisses within gaze,

Like a crescent and iris,

Infinitely caressing,

Within ones soul,

Warm and gently,

The honey flows,

Sublime within its vineyards

Reynaldo Casison







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