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Extra vip merchandise?



I just saw that my vip packages come with some extra merchandise. This is my first vip experience.  I thought that you only get one gift,  but you get a hat,  and a backpack thing. That’s so cool I think. It didn’t say that in the vip info. Along with a lithograph which I knew about.  And lanyard. And I get stickers! Some people are complaining about the vip merch, but I think it’s a lot of stuff!  I’m so excited. It’s literally been like 8 years? I think , that Madonna came to Boston. That’s a long time.  Lol I could be wrong but that’s what people are getting in London. There’s a ring I think 2 but I don’t know what package it comes with.  People are selling their vip merchandise on eBay. So according to that… some people complain no matter what. I also have citi cardmember  preferred seating, on the opening night of the US leg in Brooklyn NY. 


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