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Celebration tour vip gift



I purchased 2 vip packages for the 2 nights in Boston, and I was wondering what  vip gift people are hoping for? I bought the where’s the party vip, for the first night, and you can dance vip for the second night.  I was thinking of the immaculate but the only thing that seemed cool was the jacket that those people are going to get, and the crowd free shopping. But other than that, I don’t really care for the  backstage tour, pre party. Vip entry.  I hope that the vip gift isn’t available for anyone to buy. But we’ll see. My where’s the party is a citi cardmember vip it’s supposed to come with an extra benefit but they can’t tell me what if anything it is. I also  bought Citi cardmember preferred ticket for the opening night in the USA in Brooklyn NY,  through the Citi entertainment program and I have access to the 40/40 club in Barclays center. So that’s like a pre party. I’ve never bought vip before does anyone know what to expect?  I’m excited to go not that far away now, about 4 months away for my shows. It’s kinda funny because both vip packages that I bought come with the same benefits but one is higher priced lol typical Ticketmaster couldn’t just add one thing to the you can dance vip package , but whatever not the end of the world. I’m shocked she  rescheduled LA for Boston but she will be on the east coast anyway.  The last tour in Boston was canceled and never rescheduled it sucked getting that email. I was so disappointed and she  already played NY so I couldn’t go. Madonna.com was like if you can make it to Philly let us know, to far for me at last minute.  


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