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Celebration tour new dates! No presale? Join the classic membership club!



I thought that Boston was going to be left out this time because of the 2019 cancellations. But no they canceled LA  and put Boston in!  Madonna thanks for keeping your word.  I don’t know if there s a presale for the new dates like LA Brooklyn. Etc. if not legacy members can join the classic membership club! Lol with absolutely no presale access. Welcome. Some people wanted the tour cancelled. But real fans wanted the tour to be rescheduled. And Madonna did reschedule. I’m so happy that Boston is early in the USA dates right after Brooklyn, and Washington DC. Not that far from now, Boston has Been waiting a long long, time, 2019 to be exact. If people who are legacy, gold members, say that the LA, or new shows sale time is going to be a shit show, well that’s how it is every time classic members buy tickets. I think it’s great that there is no pre sale, if that is the case. Let them realize what it is like being left out. Like classic members who are still huge fans but don’t get a chance to have a pre sale, who have struggled to get tickets. And don’t get any forums, or much site access. And who get left out just for being big if not bigger fan’s than legacy members. Welcome to the classic membership club! Where you get no perks. I’ve never saw a fan site that leaves so many members, fans, out in the cold. No sorry no upgrades! I thought certain “real” fans wanted the tour cancelled?  But maybe there will be a pre sale. Who knows.  It was such a hassle to buy celebration tour tickets for classic members in the first place. Asking for legacy members codes, and stuff like that. And waiting for citi bank customers to buy cuz for some reason they get second dibs even tho  classic fan club members got left out. Same with gold this time. I just think it’s great legacy members are freaking out about the presale now they know what it’s like. But on the other hand they paid to be legacy members like over 10 years ago lol. You think that they would open registrations just once for a little, get the people who don’t use their accounts who are legacy out of the system. There has to be some it was so long ago when they stopped taking registrations , so long. 

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It seems that ever since live nation took over this site that they have not been doing much. No new registrations nothing. I wonder why? Every other band site lets you be whatever level you want if you pay, but not Madonna.com. Madonnas fans deserve more other than a 10% discount at the official store. Something anything. But no why? No effort is put in it feels like.

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