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13 hours ago, HeartofMDNA said:

What are your thoughts guys?

You love it, I love it! It’s a great album, Girl Gone Wild has such a good music video, I get mesmerized by those guys with the apples lol and I love her hair in the video, the dark tears and the smoking, and the dancing and how they all form a pyramid around her at the end. Also the scenes in the video with the sleeves with the stripes from old school socks and the dancing against the wall was so good. The choreography for the song as the opener Girl Gone Wild is just everything.  From the MDNA tour I have the most vivid memories from Revolver, it was not on the album but great on tour.  Also in an interview Madonna said her favorite song was Gang Bang, I like finding out tidbits like that of what she’s thinking.  The album has such important songs to my life - Love Spent and Masterpiece, and finally Falling Free is just a peaceful release and the album is ends there.  The problem was that the 6 or so songs that were cut, Madonna released herself and stuck them on at the end of the album because somehow the demos were leaked online as bootlegs.  I think if the album ended at Falling Free it would have been much cleaner.  

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I absolutely loved the MDNA era.  I just wish that i knew about the live pass program. I’ve joined icon on and off through the years due to no computer.   I love girl gone wild! I hope she sings it on the celebration tour!

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