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With love, caress to sway




With love, caress to sway


I would love,

The infinite love of your soul,

To feel this,


When I gaze,

At the beauty of your hem,

In the velvet,

of its stillness,

Its as if gazing,

With fondness, at the midnight moon,

With a sublime,

And reverent,

gregarious love,


And when it sways, uniquely,

With its sweet rhythms,

And caress of your love,

And beauty,

Clouds spread like waltz,

With our moonlit sighs,


If you need some rest,

To sway all the more sweetly,

I Will love you,

all the more,


As a dove of deep melody,

Kisses thy brow,

Lovely lady,

For love like melody,

Revives melody,

Like midnights embrace prayer,

Gently and warm,


In stillness sway,

Like a jazz,

and salsa kissed flower,

And I will love you,

all the more

Reynaldo Casison





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