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I really hope that Madonna is well. But  she did cancel all nights in Boston last tour so we missed her, it’s been almost 10 years  since I’ve seen her.  Bummer disappointing.  So I’m personally really excited to see her. She’s tough enough to do it when she’s ready.  I’ll wait no matter how long to see her again.  Don’t doubt her yet!

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I really wish Madonna can heal, no matter how long it takes. Health is always FIRST. In my opinion this is a very serious warning for her and She will take her time and this can take months. Honestly I do not expect her return minimum until  October.

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Hi Madonna,

You are in my thoughts with your recent hospitalization.  You manager said that the Celebration Tour is Postponed back in June, but there has been no new public releases since.  I have tickets for 7/25 in Denver, and was looking forward to seeing you again.  However I am assuming that the event will not happen.  I would like to know officially, becuase I have a hotel that I will need to cancel prior.  Could someone please put something official out about your health, and when and if the tour is hopefully gone start?

All the best


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