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Incandescence poem



Excerpt from 'Songs of Pleasures and longing'



Within the dusky dome of Blessed Night,

Amidst ecstatic flurries of emanating


There I strode, limping and striding,

To gather sustenance,

Beyond grace of Sunsets,

The winding road swerves,

As all resumes flow,


Everyone seems to be partying,

Even the loquacious fireflies,

Scattering the dank mists,


They all fill me with some fragments,

Of hope,

Besides loneliness is just another form,

Of exquisite Bliss,

Midnights complete us,

Just as much as crowded middays,

I wish fervently for you as well to cope,


All this time I've been yearning,

For a more tender serene tomorrow,

Blessed with Beauty,

And Voluminous volumes,

Of pleasing tranquilitiies,


A friend encouraged me to embrace,

And take a breather,

From the incessant race,

And have a luminous firefly,


Within the lap of my palm,

And express for her the sensation,

So she could feel,

What I could hear,

And delight her with a song,

Of longing and pleasure,

Impossible to me it seemed,

Yet grasping for Stars,

Was her Forte, so what was I to say,

So I deemed it quite an exquisite task,

To experience how the fireflies bask,


Within a dusky dome,

Of a neglected road,

Up Within the Ether so high,

In which soothing mist,

Reign Supreme,

It was as if I had finally awoken,

From a dream

Reynaldo Casison




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