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Rhythms of her Beauty



Rhythms of her Beauty


She's not like the others,

It doesn't take much,

To make her happy,

A kind word, and a Crescent moon,

In a sad world,


Her undulations,

Makes the dove wings fly,

The way Summer vineyards dream,

And our love sigh,


She's not quite like the others,

Your rhythms are down to earth,

Ethereal, Exotic as a Mango,

Sweet in its kiss,


Your honey hair,

May change like the seasons,

The moons of your Beauty,

Glow with a mesmerizing warmth,


You are not quite like the others,

Voluptuous, Whole, and lonely,


Lovely as seashells,

Upon a bonfire shore,



She is not like the other beauties,

Her eyelids are like hymns,

Of otherworldly lakes,


The way kisses,

Like geese,

Find their way home,


She is not quite like the other beauties,

The rhythms of her Beauty,

The rhythms of her love

Reynaldo Casison










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