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Blooming in Your Eyelashes



Blooming in your eyelashes


The rarified abundance

Of thy Beauty

Could fill all the emptiness in the world


It's the wordless magnetism,

Blooming in your eyelashes


In a room overflowing,

With splendid and boisterous Beauty,

Yours is so quiet,

it embraces me so loudly,


And amazingly I don't feel so shy,

Nor as lost within myself


Thinking of you,

My eyes well within me


Microcosm of world,

Everyone in the room is roleplaying,

Why are we here


You stand before me, I'm drinking Stars


We meet for the first time and all time

I Blink and in the Timelessness,


You twirl without twirling,

Into a Neogothic sprite,


As an enchantment blessed Grove


Waving wands in the endearing,

Brush of mascara,

Blooming in your eyelashes


It must have been the brimming jewels,

Of thy irises,

And my reverent fondness of

Shimmering lakes,

I felt comfort there


Instantly you were as ethereal oasis,

Blessed with rare wine,

And I longed to bask with thee,

How I desired to sing love to thee

It's the quaint magnitude,

Of thy nurturing eyelashes,

That keeps me enchantingly,

Awake and Singing


Eloquence of the magical quietude

And Shimmering volumes,

Blooming in your eyelashes

'Songs of Pleasures and longing'

Reynaldo Casison



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