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I'm not even sure if she's even heard

or cherishes

My song even though ive heard hers

Since the stars were young

Since the stars were young

Since the stars were young


And since I've always loved her

Since a youngster


Nightengales come alive at night

Alive at night and

It feels like im painting as Im writing


It just comes out

Mmmmm Mmmm


It just comes out

Mmmmm Mmmmm

like a rapt bosoms honey

Mmmmm mmm Mmmmmm

It just comes

Out like australia down under

Mmmmm mmm Mmmmmm

It just comes out the way a sexy kind

sensuous woman does

Continuously like summer waves

Warm like it's rain on her fingertips

By its caring and loving rhythms

Mmm--M-Mmmmmm  Mmmm

It just comes out like

nightengales come alive at night

Born through the moonlights womb

It hurts its exhilaration it's tears

It's ecstascies

The hot and warmth of its syrup

Mmmmm mmmmmm

So she can feel my love for her

 Nightengales come alive at night

Mmmmm -M- Mmmmmm

Nightengales come

Nightengales come

Nigjtengales come 

Come alive at night


They could be down on the

Farm or the beach of a bayou

under the marvel of van goghesque

Stars ya know the luscious

Swirling ones 

One fingerpaints in school

Ones art is going to come

like a flowing river

And a sensual woman

Kissed by the kiss of its

Own stars,

like each swirl,

Is like one and another around

a tree wood and her lusciousness,

Nightengales come 

they come alive at night

They stay Drowsy and awake

Like effervescent sprites

Solitude of stars

MmmmmMmmmm -M-mmmm


I'm sure she's heard a multitude

Of songs as they are waves, as

There are waves In the ocean 

In the ocean

Stars in the sky

Melodies in one's head

Strange and sublime


A kiss from up above

And this rhythms kiss

for and below her navel

and two for the sensuous love

in Souls

This saying I Love ya

Mmmmmm- M- Mmmmmm


I've heard and met some stars

In the lonesome music clubs

And forest of the night

To feel that they're real

Like gypsies in the night

Like gypsies in the night

Sometimes she seems too lovely

To be real 

Like gypsies in the night

Like gypsies in the  night mmmmm


I've heard her nightengale sing

Live through the night mmmmm

Yet I'm not even sure She's felt the

nightengale of mine mmmmm

It's shy as the moon is luminous


Yet nightengales trill

Despite their longings

Through the moons sighs


I've heard hers since the stars

In the sky were young

I've heard hers since the stars

In the sky were young

they -like -it-like hers

makes me cry sometimes

Especially when the Rain


her voice can  be more

beautiful than a Nights sky

They -like-it-like-hers

Makes me cry sometimes


May she somehow Cherish

These lonely Notes

As well as I have hers

Hers are much more beautiful 



Hers are much much much more


than mine


Little by little

The nightengales 

The nightengales

With their starry music

Come together

Come alive at night

The nightengales

Come alive at night

Reynaldo Casison











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