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The sensuous mermaid of her being



Warm beach shore

Vast ocean of shimmering waves

Warm summer day

She splayed out upon the

Comforting moist beachsand

Firmly yet sensuously

Her golden long hair

Her golden long hair

Stretching out to kiss the hot sand

Strands kissed by the sun

She splayed out upon the

Comforting beachsand moist

Warm waves insouciant ocean waves

Soothes the  full body of her


Resiliency charm and a plethora of other jewels

Beach sun kissing her brow

All the way down to her toes

The way I would for her

The sun must of felt velvet to her

i feel deeply that it did

Her beautiful sensuous being splayed out to its all encompassing caress

The exuding sun charmed by the

Mermaid of her delicate strong being

Velvet, waves, and sun kisses

Blushed resolutely upon her cheeks

She was touched by its unique rhythm

You can see by how she makes love

to the adoring waves

firmly tenderly but sensously

Firmly tenderly and sensually

The full body of her wondrous being

The sensuous mermaid of her being

Tantalizing the sun ,the velvet, the moist beachshore

her soothed fully moist body and the adoring summer waves

By midnight she was reading poetry

By the light of a candle

Tuning her sun kissed guitar

full of moist sand some tender tears and mermaid shimmers with  her comforting cat

Singing to the moons serenade

Reynaldo Casison



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