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The loveliest of sparrows



Outside I was a bird that could not mend A broken wing inside  i learned how to teach my heart to sing

I travel in stillness- Madonna


I always felt she is as the rarest of sparrows

Her tender sensuous timbre

Her voice the sweetest thing

Her voice the sweetest thing

The sweetest bird I've ever heard

The way she recites poetry lights up the moon of one's heart


Her tender sensuous timbre

her voice the sweetest thing

her voice the sweetest thing

the sweetest bird i ever heard

neruda rumi 

They've got to be in awe  somewhere to be sung by an earthy ethereal angel

Her vast appreciation for artists

Her kinship with kahlo

The joy she emits when she dances and sings

It's like a sparrows wing

The span of her sensuousness

I want to fly  to heaven in her loves  melodious splendor shes

The loveliest of sparrows

Reynaldo Casison



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