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Cybernetics & Arts is intending to work with education. One intention is to sell education and sell them globaly in the world. Cybernetics & Arts can also make education and events on request from customer. Cybernetics & Arts will deliver seminars on the internet. Cybernetics & Arts have a long experience in education activities and evidenced based enviroments.

Webinars on BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY by Prof. Vsevolod Rozanov, MD, PhD  Member of IASP (International Association for Suicide Prevention), member of the Section of Suicidology of European and World Psychiatric Association (EPA and WPA), head of the Section of the Military Psychiatry of WPA (2012-2017).

Duration – 2 h with 10 min break, Group – from 8 listeners, Presentations during the webinars. Possibilities to ask questions after the webinar. Possibilities to buy a webinar and watch separately. Like a knowledge filmbank on BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY that Cybernetics & Arts provide like an education and service.

OxfordLogo.png?resize=225%2C225 Owner of BIOLOGICAL PSYCHOLOGY AND PSYCHIATRY published in Oxford Univerity is Research and development Professor Vsevolod Rozanov . Contact: cybernetics-arts@gmx.com

Product/Service: Education and Events


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