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I would ask the help of Madonna fans for a good cause, this is very difficult to me, but with your help, we would achieve so much. I have been in a terrible depression, because I have been in bankruptcy, I ask for help, because in my country (Mexico) many people have denied us.
My request is that my mother can receive a kidney transplant. She began hemodyalisis therapy and currently as many know, that would deteriorate increasingly, even she only has 2 sessions a week (the routine is to have 3 sessions a week). We do not know how long can she live without her transplant.
The amount I need in Mexican pesos is $470,000, but in American dollars is approximately $25,970.
My goal is to ask other celebrities their altruistic support. My mother was my hero, and I must to do everything possible to save her life.
Unfortunately, she was unable to receive her pension payment as she should, and my father cannot find financial support because his age, and so getting her prescription drugs is more difficult.
I share the link to the crowfounding page I created for her: https://donadora.mx/projects/una-esperanza-para-mi-madre
I also share a ‘Like’ Facebook page about my petition:
I hope you can help me.
You can tweet us in: https://twitter.com/AyudaANatyChuc
Best regards.


Darwin Ulises Tamayo Chuc.


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