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We want Tears of a clown



I'm so sad because we, Puerto Rico wait same as Australia 23 ***CENSORED*** years to see you Madonna. And you decide to give the show and not for us, I've been your truly fan since 1983 actually dice Holiday my fav song ever HOLIDAY. So I beg you to consider giving us a private show too please.


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I think that Lucky Star is a reference to the Puerto Rican flag.  Well that's what it means to me.  Ditto with La Isla Bonita.  For me.  I wish there was a Puerto Rican running for President here in the States.  I have decided I am backing the Cruz campaign.  Orlando Cruz that is.  Orlando Cruz clearly has the intelligence to be a great negotiator but if need be he's also got the guns to backup his positions if need be.  And the Abs.  Orlando Cruz for President 2016.  

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