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sydney tour :)



hey madonna,


I have been a massive fan since i first saw you on video hits back in 1983 singing Holiday. At the time I couldnt understand why - but i knew i had to just get up and start dancing along with you. i waited every saturday morning for your video clips to come on and i would tape them on the video recorder and watch them over and over again during the week after school.


I grew up in a small conservative place and I was often laughed at and ridiculed for being different.


Growing up gay and knowing i was different made me feel so isolated and I didn't know anyone else like me. I felt wrong and i felt very alone and this all happened during the HIV/AIDS epidemic of the 1980's. to be a young gay adolescent during this time - it was scary. to know you had feelings towards men and for the media to portray this 'gay disease' made me feel even more isolated.


you speaking out on this issue & being an advocate for finding a cure (in a time when others wouldn't) made me love you even more.


to me - you are more than just the queen of pop. you helped me understand that i wasn't alone, that i had nothing to be ashamed of and that i should be proud of who i am :) you made me feel that my life was worth living and to celebrate my individuality.


you are brave and you chose to represent us when it wasn't popular or mainstream. you made me feel that my life was worth living and as of next saturday night .... i am living for love :) i cant wait to finally dance and sing along with you. to think that i am going to be in same stadium with you (& not just watching your concerts on DVD is to date the biggest item off my bucket list that is happening)


I am so excited - i saw pics and videos of your concert in Melbourne on friends FB pages.... i am counting down the days - but time goes by (so slowly!!!)


big kisses





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I liked your comment, it is very true because I am in your situation at this time. And Madonna is perfect in all areas, is too humble and humanitarian, and does what he wants no matter what anyone else says.    

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