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Like A Virgin: Setting the Stage



After being a Madonna fan for life (my first childhood memory is watching "Material Girl" on MuchMusic in the 80's) I finally have the chance to see her in person. And what started out as an extra special birthday present to myself has become a journey of historical proportions...


At the time when I made the decision to buy myself tickets to my 1st Madonna concert, I was living in Shenzhen, China. I eagerly awaited the release of the Asian concert dates, hoping that at least one would be at a time feasible for me to make a voyage and take in the full Madonna experience for the first time.


As it turned out there was a show scheduled for March 26th, in Brisbane Australia, which happens to be my actual birthday, and it also happened to fall on a Saturday this year making it possible to travel there and back over the weekend. As a high school teacher I am blessed to have a considerable amount of free time to travel over the year, the only drawback is that I cannot choose when I get to take that time. So the concert being on a weekend AND on my birthday seemed like a stupendously fortunate occurrence. Add on top of that, Brisbane was also home to an old and dear friend who I had not seen since she moved to Australia from Canada 10 years ago...this seemed meant to be. I bought the tickets and booked the flights from Hong Kong to Brisbane. Rebel Heart...I was in my way to a birthday I would never forget!


All this was planned back in September, and like all well laid plans, they were destined to be challenged. By November I was moving home to Canada (for love) and I now live in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, a full 13,000 km away from Brisbane by direct flight (which doesn't exist). My options were to abandon the concert, the non-refundable flights between Hong Kong and Brisbane and a childhood dream (not an actual option) OR find a way to get to and from Hong Kong from Saskatoon to meet up with the flights I had already purchased.


With a little luck I was able to find a series of flights that would get me to Hong Kong and back that lined up with my already booked trip to Brisbane (for 30 hours). However, now I will be literally flying across the world and back in order to see Madonna...worth it? DEFINITELY


As if this journey wasn't getting crazy enough...last month I was informed that the dates of the Brisbane shows were being changed!!! 10 days earlier...UGH...after all those flights were booked and paid for. Now I needed to again either abandon the show and ALL the flights (again so not an option) OR find a way to change the 2 separately booked series of tickets to once again co-ordinate with each other in order to get me all the way to Australia and back....le sigh.


Someone is smiling on me because I was able to rearrange time and space to still make it all work out, despite the fact that I am currently unemployed after moving home, but that's what credit cards are for right???


10 flights (including a few tight connections, fingers crossed), through 5 countries over 7 days in order to be in Brisbane overnight! That's over 45,000 km between airports, or roughly the same as traveling around the entire Earth...twice! By the time I get home I won't know WHEN I am, let alone where or who, but after all THERE'S ONLY ONE QUEEN...AND THAT'S MADONNA.


I plan on keeping you updated as to my progress to Brisbane and hopefully some kickass pics from the show!!!


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