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Arrested for "Dancing Too Much" at Houston Show



I was arrested for the first time in my life on Tuesday night at the Houston show. Originally I was in section 405 but was upgraded to floor seats while waiting for Madonna to come on. i was OVER THE MOON excited. I have been obsessed with Madonna since I was 10 years old. When all my friends were crazy into Britney Spears, N Sync, and Backstreet I was trying to convince them that Madonna was where it was really at. First tour I ever got to see as an adult was MDNA and I had an amazing time so I was VERY excited to go to the rebel heart tour. You can imagine how excited i was when I found myself upgraded to seats directly on the side of the stage that I NEVER could have afforded otherwise. Because there was a long waiting time before Madonna came on I had moved out of my seat to an area where there was some room to dance(I'm a dancer so if good music is playing I am pretty much compelled to dance plus Madonna hadn't come on yet.) While I was dancing close to section 405 my friend and i got upgraded to the floor seats. I kept dancing there and after a little bit a police officer came up to me and in an aggressive and abrasive manner told me I was somehow "dancing too much" and needed to stop. This was simply absurd to me and always a rebel at heart I just kind of ignored him(didn't say anything to him) and kept doing my thing(they were playing good dance music and I had plenty of room to do so so why wouldn't I?). I honestly felt that it wouldn't be in the spirit of Madonna or the rebelheart tour to listen to this cop that gave me no justification and to stop "dancing so much". Apparently he REALLY didn't like that I blew him off like that so he told me I needed to come with him. I said ok and was going to go with him but he wanted to manhandle me out of the theatre and I wasn't about to let him do that. So I danced my way out of there so fast he couldn't grab a hold of me. This pissed him off even further and I got tackled the second i stepped out of the theatre(my knee is still in pain from this incident). They ended up arresting me and taking me to jail where I spent 9 hours before my friend could finally jump through all the hoops to bail me out. We both missed the show entirely. This all happened around 9pm and I was completely devastated and treated like I was subhuman the whole time. I never touched any of the police but they are trying to get me for class C misdemeanor assault because I bumped into someone while dancing and they were trying to come up with SOMETHING to arrest me for because I pissed this officer off. Tuesday night was set up to be one of the best nights of my life and turned into one of the worst all because I was "dancing too much". I feel horribly robbed of what was going to be one of the best experiences of my life(seeing madonna directly next to the stage) and I was wondering if there is anything y'all(as Madonna's peeps) can do to make this occurrence any less horrible. i hope you guys see this post and that some of y'all care. I know for a fact that if Madonna or her staff was there to see what happened you guys would have been revolted by the way I was treated for doing nothing wrong. Please help if you can. Even expressions of sympathy would be greatly appreciated.


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omg seriously? damn, that is crazy!?!?! it's not against the law to 'dance too much! That officer went too far, I feel so bad for you and I'm sure if M knew about this she would be so angry!!


If you want her to know about your story you should post it on twitter and instagram and/or spam Guy Oseary. I know that's how she ended up seeing and posting on instagram the little letter some fans wrote to her. 

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Thanks for the condolences! I really appreciate it and it's definitely the craziest thing that's ever happened to me. haha  Luckily they only gave me a class C misdemeanor but the charge is complete bullshit and they robbed me of what was going to be one of the best nights of my life and physically assaulted me over nothing:/ I go to court tomorrow and i'm pretty confident it will get dismissed. That's a good idea though! I was hoping she would see it here but it appears she probably won't. How do you spam Guy Oseary? Where's his contact info?

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