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I need ur help. I want to propose 2 my g/f at your concert on the 16th. I have tickets. Could u help please ❤️ she your biggest fan



My girlfriend is a life long fan and always wanted to see you. When I heard you were doing a tour I was straight they getting tickets. We are at Birmingham on the 16th and really looking forward to it. The last few month have been really hard. I lost my father and have been battling to fight my depression and anxiety which has nearly got the better of me now twice in a few month. It's not a proud place to be and its not where I like to be. My partners as been brilliant. She made me realise they is so much more and made me realise just how much I am in love with her, she does make the smile on my face and your concert will brilliant knowing I've put that smile on her face. Not had a lot to smile about the last year. Not I need some help, I now know she is who I want to spend the rest of my life with and I was wondering if I can get some help in asking Madonna to help me have 2 mins so I can ask this amazing woman to marry me and make it the most perfect evening for us. I know that is the perfect place to do it. Looking forward to seeing you then Madonna


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