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Awakening Madonna



Hi all I am new. I have joined to ask all you Madonna fans what you would say if I could show you something that will amaze you, help you and delight you? What if this 'work' shows how Madonna's 'Confessions Of A Dance Floor' Album, contributed to my spiritual awakening? what if the songs 'Hung UP' and 'Get Together' were channelled by the divine to send a message to humanity that it's time to WAKE UP? what if all that was put together in a carefully compiled video that tells an amazing story that sends a message to humanity that there is indeed light, and that all the work she has done, her beliefs and faith all meant something? Would you want to watch that video? Would the lady herself want to watch it, or should I say, does she not deserve to know that her work has been more important than just fame and money? What would you say?, well this evening I have posted this to Youtube and it has been blocked by Warner Chappell. This isn't the rantings of somebody mentally ill, far from it, the video explains that further. I abandoned all this 8 years ago when I was diagnosed as having bipolar , but something happened that made me revisit conscious awakening and spiritual awakening and the coincidences that followed are amazing, this is not a coincidence. My video is a must for anyone who is a Madonna fan, because it uses key tracks together with a story that leads the reader to question why we are here, why we are here now, a course in your own spiritual awakening, 'will I carry on, will it matter when I'm gone', Yes Madonna it will. and my story proves it. She deserves to see this amazing message, and the only way I can think of is if all you fans ask for my video to be shared here for you all to see, theres always a delete button if it doesn't promise what I say? It's time for Humanity To Wake Up, She already knows this. I'm a humble woman from the north west of England, no interest in being famous, the message is too important, I can only promote this so much, as she is a key contributor she could do so much more with this than I ever could, One comment so far is 'watch this amazing video it could change your life'. Any suggestions?


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