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will keep posting the illegal activity of 2011 til now on the white house website, to do the real recovery program and no such thing as a 2nd chance




Inbox x










Zarahrie Lee

3:05 PM (55 minutes ago)




to me








I have placed all the illegal activity of assault on the dr phil website under ravenlost1, from 2010 til now.


ex tenant abuse with medical malpractice that
suggested in seeking lawsuit

pictures of my assault with two dykes of jennifer siegel one at bu and the other for nyu who covered for tony brooks who was fired from his job, breaking policy. That he said his daddy worked for government in 2010.


medical frauderlant activity in new york 2013 til now of defragmation of ruining my life


cult group of the kabbalah center of boston to new york, using we care/fegs of jennifer cardozo under jacy cardozo on facebook of illegal disablity of lying about wrong work years of 1998-2013 when worked 1995-2011 and fat hispanic man tried to do an illegal pee test for jessica jordan of placing her sticker on my cup before exam to be ruled to go back to work. 5/14/2013


Grand Central to fane working shelter, to mongolia of discrimination and prejudice towards me of staff and clients of the system. docs on dr phil show to show proof.


usa ambassador report of restraining order on mark umanski who threatnend to see me in germany and not german by genes, placed on dr phil show.


housing assault of rosael rubert at 2608 albemarle street of a cross burnt in my head and stolen in the new apt housing placed me in at 115 lenox road, pictures of proof on dr phil mcgraw website


over 900 docs, pictures and emails...


Thank you for contacting the White House!


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