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A simple note of gratitude... one that enters a world of unread stories



Though most will pass this note and though it will never reach the intended audience....


For my sake and for my own being - a sincere thanks to YOU; and specifically the song "Oh Father."


My life has been a difficult one - and still continues to be; but sincerely, if it wasn't for the harmonious hook of that melody, the power of those lyrics and the juxtaposition of both; I most certainly would not be here today and would not be giving back to a community and society I have grown to need and appreciate. In everyone's life there is "that one" moment of pause - a moment of nirvana. My moment came in the form of that song.


IN 1989 - I dubbed "Oh Father" over and over; front to back on a 90 min cassette (yes I am of "that" age LOL). I played it over and over. From dusk till dawn; weeks and months on end, often falling asleep to the sounds of those haunting cellos (thank goodness for the auto changeover of sides - again, I am of "that" age to remember that feature!)


Prior to 1989, I really wasn't a fan of Madonna's music (yes I know - GASP)... but it truly was love at first sound. It was my calling, my light at the end of that dark tunnel and my salvation. Yes I cried - violently, yes I often though of suicide (and tried unsuccessfully) and yes I often didn't think anyone listened.


BUT, in time - it got better, I got better and the world around me got better.


NOW - I have the most amazing partner one could ever hope for, I own my own business, I volunteer for a youth organization for troubled kids; I am a member of my society - and I pay it forward. I say these things not to gain acceptance or accolades (certainly no notoriety needed here) - but I say these things as proof that one song, YOUR SONG, made the difference. I also say this not to add ego where none is needed, but again, as a sincere thanks.


Sometimes people forget they matter - sometimes people forget life matters - and often people forget the power of one person's selflessness, especially when it comes to the arts and especially when music acts as an arch or lifeline. Sure you have #1 albums, sure you have top this, top that... but at the end of the day... those forces can't take you further. The legacy of the life you make in this short time on earth is what propels one to true greatness. For me, I am continuing to aspire to do just that.


SO - as you (Madonna) embark on a new adventure and this new tour - perhaps somehow spiritually, this letter will find you in thought and help you to go ..... THIS IS WHY I DO THIS. Pay it forward so that the JDK's of earth can live, be happy and give back.


from a fan - not a fanatic... from a man - not a maniac
I thank you




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