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Rebel Heart



Here's hoping other Australian fans wanting to get presale tix to madonnas Aussie shows have a better time than I did. The link from Icon did not work properly on the Ticketek Australia site. There wasn't a WORKING section on the site to enter the icon members code- as an icon member. There was nowhere to activate the icon members discount.
In short it was a total cluster f.ck!! After hrs on hold to Ticketek when I finally got to speak to their staff about the issues I was told-& I quote "we have no way for u to enter ur icon code as a member of Madonna. Com/ Icon. I will override the system if u stay online with me so that u can enter ur icon code in the Citicard section". This in the end worked however it meant I had lost any supposed advantage as a long time Madonna fan/ icon member in getting good seats. If the Ticketek staff hadn't been so helpful I'd've been unable to get presale tix AT ALL AT THAT TIME!!! I've wanted over 20 years to c Madonna in Australia again. I am disappointed & upset by this process. If wasn't Madonna I'd've said screw it, & not bothered. As it is, my concert experience isn't going to b what I'd hoped & planned for.


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All I can advise is ring Ticketek sorry :-( tell them u r a member of Madonna.com/icon fan club & that u can't login as a member & that this is a known system error. If u r lucky, they will allow u to buy tix as a Citicard customer. Not much help I'm sorry but that's all I can suggest. Good luck!!

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Ticketek has a terrible booking website, capchas too long and hard to read, passwords not activated, can't see any seat numbers, difficult getting to the basket to make changes, freezing up and losing the tickets already selected. For all the money we pay in tickets and fees it should be much better.

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