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Please tell Drew I love him



My name is Jack and this is the biggest long shot I could ever think to imagine, but here it goes.


I am a young man with a broken heart.


Recently my relationship came to a terrible end with one of the most amazing guys that I think has ever walked the planet. I know everyone says that about the person they love, but Drew really is one of a kind. Bullied from a young age at school, he has grown up with a heart full of compassion. All he ever wants is to make life special for the people around him. He has written a political manifesto with the hopes of changing the world for everyone and not just for the rich bankers, he has produced a coffee table book full of inspirational quotes and life lessons, and more recently he has donated his property in France, a property that has worked so hard to get, to an amazing community initiative for young artists and young people looking for help or inspiration.


I need help. I did something terrible to this man which has resulted in the end of our relationship…but I love him to the core of my heart. I can not eat, I can not sleep, I am completely consumed by regret and guilt and I desperately need him to know and to believe that I truly love him and am devoted to this man. However, I simply can not just tell him that I love him, that is not good enough.


My wish, is to get Madonna - a person who has given this man so much hope and inspiration since he was a little boy, to tell him for me that I love him. My aim here is not to create some false publicity stunt or draw unwanted attention to Madonna, my identity, or Drew's….but this really is the only way I can think of to tell this man 'I love you' in a way that I know he will listen. I wish to remain anonymous in all of this and for Drew too, I am not looking for exposure, I just want Madonna to tell Drew that Jack loves him. Weather it be online, or directly - I really don't know how to go about this.


I am a young man, new to London and I really don't know where to begin to make this possible. I am really just hoping that someone with a good heart, a shred of humanity, who might be able to help, will pick up on this desperate plea.


Drew has always been a dreamer of incredible things, and right now he is in France making his amazing project a reality and I have always made decisions in my life logically and for the first time I am completely fuelled by Love.


I don't know how or who can help me achieve this goal…


I know that by something as amazing as Madonna telling Drew that I love him, will make him listen.


I just want Madonna to tell Drew that I love him. #TellDrewILoveHim




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