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VIP concert tickets



Hi All,

I have recently bought VIP concert tickets for Turin in November for our 1st wedding anniversary. Can anyone please tell me if it is money well spent? The tickets were very expensive and I'm having second thoughts about them (not that I can do anything about it!!).

Has anyone else bought VIP tickets before and can you tell me about the before and after hospitality? What does it entail? Is there any chance to see Madonna? A friend told me that for that price we should be able to hang out with her!!

Thank you so much.



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Hi, well vip tickets are expensive, but it's a special occasion for both of you (your first wedding anniversary - yeah!!!congrats!!) so stop having second thoughts. Im absolutely sure the concert is going to be amazing, they will pamper you with nice food and drinks, and everyone's gonna be excited. But don't expect a meet and greet with Madonna (I bought my tickets for Cologne and Barcelona (no vip tickets, but I'm shelling out the money for travel expenses) on ticketmaster, and in the description for vip tickets they explicitly mentioned this fact).

Anyway you're going to have a great experience

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