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I am planning on purchasing tickets to the Vegas show (presale NEXT week). Anyone have any advice on how to get the best seats? I plan on buying the $20 icon pass. Does anyone have advice on which VIP packages are better or is it better to just skip the VIPs? Thanks guys!


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It really depends on the price you want to pay. The perks are good I think but you have to pay a LOT. I have done VIP and regular. It also depends on where you want to sit. At the MGM it is a smaller arena so most seats are good. Also on the day of the concert sometimes great seats get released for general admission. But it's a chance you have to take. 

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Honestly? The casino holds so many good seats back for high rollers, that my advice scary as it may seem, I have done it since drowned world tour, is to wait till closer to the show. I have bought tickets for every tour in the days or even day before and gotten the best seats. I ended up on the runway for confessions tour and the corner of the projected stage for sticky and sweet. If you happen to be in a row that connects to the runway there is always a gap between the seat and the runway so if you hang out at the edge of runway everyone pours into that area at showtime it's like a mini pit

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