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Find Icon Live Pass Code



Hello everyone,


Where would do we find the Icon Live Pass Prebuy Code?


Does anyone know?


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Where is the code though if you are not a legacy member? I'm just a regular icon member (cost $20). I got an email with a prefix code. Is that the prebuy code or just prefix of a code I'm supposed to have somewhere?

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The lifetime legacy code is in your profile at madonna.com!

But, when I want to buy my ticket with my Lifetime Legacy Code, ill's no possible…. The system propose to me to buy the live pass (20 Euros)

Can you help me ? 

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Hi According to the Madonna icon Fan Club. Lifetime Legacy platinum Members which i am. have first choice to purchase Madonna Tickets. i think you have to be a member for several years to become a Lifetime Legacy Platinum Member. must admit never heard of classic icon member. hopefully you will have no problems getting Madonna Tickets. Good Luck. give Madonna Fan club some credit . they are looking after the true fan club members before everybody else. thank you icon. 

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anyone had any problems with their lifetime legacy pass when getting tickets, I have read a few posts were they haven't worked, I am worried for mine when they go on sale on the 10th, I will be fuming if mine don't work

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