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lets agree to start praying for madonna



im concerned for Madonna stayed up all night the past 2 !/2 nights praying for Madonna im a Christian sucks to think the woman I love more than anybody on the planet if she new me might hate me :( but that's ok im just on here if your a Madonna fan and have faith in jesus will you agree to pray with me even fast for Madonna she really needs us most my Christian friends hate that im even a fan of hers we get in arguments about it ill defend her and stand by her till the end no matter what she goes through or how dark she gets I know shes a beautiful woman who believes in love I used to get angry when some of my Christian friends would try to tell me her love was fake or not real anyway im really scared for her right now and I don't care how much sleep I loose or how many tears I cry im staying up every night praying for Madonna till God answers and rescues her I can catch some sleep in the morning I made a solem vow to God im not gonna give up on her cause I went down a very dark road but my mother never gave up that's what got me back to god we may be her only chance don't know how many people pray for her lets all do this together :) I have hope!


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